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Ionithermie treatments are unique and extraordinary for the correction of cellulite, improvement of skin laxity and muscle tone, resulting in measurable slimming. An organic marine thermal clay wrap is combined with mild electrical muscle stimulation for visible inch loss! Most clients lose 1″ – 8″ in a single treatment! it is the #1 requested cellulite treatment in europe and on most cruise ships for it’s immediate results.
Ionithermie detox achieves five key outcomes:
  1. Minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
  2. Improves and smooths the skin laxity.
  3. Slenderizes and contours – Many patients may experience inch loss between 1″-8″ from their initial Ionithermie detox treatment.
  4. Firms & Tones – Ionithermie helps to tone and invigorate tired muscles and flatten the abdominal area.
  5. Detox – Ionithermie detoxifies the body while returning minerals that will increase both energy & metabolic function

* Contraindications:
  • You must be within 20 lbs of your ideal body weight
  • no surgical metal pins or plates
  • not epileptic
  • not pregnant or nursing
  • no Iodine allergies.

Ionithermie Abs and Thighs  This treatment is our most popular Ionithermie treatment targeting your upper and lower abs and thighs!  Great for fitting into last summers dress in a pinch as well as reducing cellulite.
Ionithermie Abs of Steel  This treatment targets upper and lower abs, obliques and those dreaded love handles.
Ionithermie Butt & Thigh Blaster  This treatment targets the glutes and hamstring areas where stubborn cellulite likes to build up
$190 each – 10% off six – 15% off ten or more
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PRE-TAN SCRUB   Prepare for the best sunless spray tan of your life with a hand applied pecan shell exfoliant. This exclusive blend balances the skins’ Ph level for optimum absorption of the tanning solution. The scrub is followed by a luxurious warm water rinse in our wet room.    $55
Seaweed Detox Wrap  This detoxifying and hydrating body wrap includes a dry body brushing and hand applied active seaweed gel under a 30 minute full body cocoon wrapping. Effective for increasing metabolism,bloating and inflammation. It’s followed by a warm rinse in our Vichy Shower and finished with Lira Spa Firming Lotion.   $85
LIRA ILLUMINATING BODY SPA TREATMENT   This Organic Lactic acid and papyrus exfoliating treatment smooths rough dry skin, lightens sun damage, nourishes, hydrates and firms the body head to toe. Rejuvinate, relax and renew while you are pampered in our beautiful spa wet room.    $95
crystal remedy bodybrasion   The ultimate in full body hydration and exfoliation. ideal relief of itchy winter skin.  powerful microdermabrasion components buff away dry skin cells while our exclusive patented  hydrolock technology super hydrates the skin and locks it in for a long lasting silky feeling.       $80
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